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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Def Leppard my favourite hard rock band

Def Leppard is my favourite band in the whole world. I've been a big fan of theres since I was 10-years old back in 1987. I'm now 27 and I'm still there big fan today and I have there Best of cd which isn't the origional cd. There origional Best of cd will be out sometime this year in 2005.
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This is the family dog Crisis. She can be a real pain by chasing our family cat Cookie around. She is harmless and she loves to smell people's bums etc Posted by Hello
My best friend Alyssa She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, She's a big fan of Country Music Posted by Hello
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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Spicepea's Musicbox

Two months ago I decided to try and write my very first music lyrics. As I was writing these words were coming out of my head. Most of them were about my personal relationship with my British husband. Also, about the hard times we've been going through. The title of that lyic is called "What Do You Want?

My second lyrics that I wrote is about my anger towards some men who take advantage of women by having sex with them and deciding to leave after they were done, or if they decide to love that woman and stay with her that wouldn't be lust. The title of this lyic is called "Love or Lust"

Song Title: "Love or Lust"

Can you tell me if this relationship will last?
If you want to use me for a piece of ass, then I'll have to kick your ass.

Is it love or lust, everytime we are alone together,
we make love like it was a game as it feels so good. After its over, you just walk out the door.

Is it love or lust? when you call me on the phone,
you ask if I'm all alone?

Then my brain goes into a trance as its so hard for me to say no and let go.

I'm so blinded everytime we touch and the passion is so strong that we can't stop being horny.

When your body is rubbing against mine
we start to move so fast that we sweat
Then we orgasm with ecstacy.

Song Title: "What Do You Want"

What do you want from me?
Please tell me as I can't read your mind.

We've been through this too many times.
What am I supposte to do?
So what do you want from me?

We are both tearing each other apart by breaking each other's hearts.

We are both in the wrong for cheatin on each other.
It doesn't matter who started it first.

We've should of know that two wrongs don't make a right.

What do you want from me? We've been through this too many times?

We've both played around and one of us did pay,
which had to be me.